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Personal Air Samplers

PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler
Air sampling in your shirt Pocket


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  2. Download the PAS-500 Brochure PDF Here(467k)
  3. Download the PAS-500 Manual Here (73k)
  4. Download the Tube Holders for the Spectrex PAS-500 Micro Air Sample (PDF)(73k)
  5. Download the Bubble Flow Meter Brochure PDF Here (79k)


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PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler


  • Battery, pump, electronics and detector tube all in one compact, rugged module, eliminates cumbersome Tygon tubing and charcoal tube holder clipped to lapel.
  • Light (4 oz.) and compact, with flame retardant case.
  • Special clip ensures unit stays firmly in pocket.
  • Flow range: 50-350 ml/min. (5-350 ml/min. with optional, low flow orifice).
  • Full flow regulation. A constant voltage is applied to pump as battery voltage drops.
  • Low power consumption. A low cost alkaline battery is sufficient for a 40-hour work week.
  • Easily replaceable 9-volt battery. NiCad, zinc-carbon and alkaline types are interchangeable.
  • Adaptable - accepts 6mm diameter (single and double) and 8mm diameter charcoal tubes, other absorber tubes and Draeger & Kitigawa colorimetric tubes.
  • Intrinsically safe. Current-limiting resistor in battery circuit prevents danger of short-circuit spark.


  • PAS-500 Sampler
  • Holder for 6mm charcoal tube
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual
  • 9-volt battery

  No more cumbersome Tygon tubing and charcoal tube holder clipped to your lapel - the PAS-500 fits neatly in your shirt pocket.

The 9-volt battery easily slips in and out.

Flow-control and on/off
switch are easily accessible.

Two units using charcoal and calorimetric tubes - saves cost of charcoal tube analysis if color tube is negative.


Field calibration made easy

using the compact BFM-10 Pocket Bubble Flow Meter

Download PAS-500 Brochure (PDF 467k)

Download PAS-500 Operation Manual

Tube Holders for the Spectrex PAS-500 Micro Air Sample (PDF)

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Specifications   Optional Accessories
Power Supply: 9V alkaline, zinc-carbon or
rechargeable NiCad battery.

Dimensions: 1 3/16" x 13/16" x 4 1/4" (30mm x 20mm x 109mm) excluding sampling tube holder

Weight: 4 oz. (114 grams).

Case Material: Flame retardant nylon, rated UL 94-VO.

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 degrees Centigrade.

Flow: 50-350 ml/min. (5-350 ml/min. with optional, $40, low flow orifice).

Operational Check: Glowing green L.E.D. indicates power is on.

Warranty: 90 days for all parts and workmanship.

Controls: Screwdriver adjustable flow rate. (Multi-turn potentiometer for precision setting.) Internal On/Off switch.

Electric Circuitry: Miniature, surface mount technology.

  • Multi-Pump Carrying Case (holds up to eight units) 13 1/2" x 10" x 3 3/4”.
  • Rechargeable Battery Kit (includes charger and battery).
  • ATH-6 Charcoal Tube Holder for 6mm tubes.
  • ATH-8 Charcoal Tube Holder for 8mm tubes and Perkin-Elmer ‘adsorber tubes.
  • ATH-lO Holder for colorimetric tubes or two 6mm charcoal tubes in series for Methylene Chloride.
  • Custom tube holders available upon request.
  • BFM-10 Pocket Bubble Flow Meter.

Precision Pocket Bubble Flow Meters For Air Sampling
Primary Standards for Field Calibration

Precision Pocket Bubble Flow Meters For Air Sampling

These unique units are:

  • Portable (Weights: 1.5 oz; 2 oz; 8 oz.)
  • Self-contained
  • Leakproof
  • All plastic
  • Provide instant soap bubble movement by depressing central cylinder 1/4". Flow is established by timing bubble and reading off flow from a special "time" chart attached to the flow meter barrel.

    Download the Bubble Flow Meter Brochure

The Accuracy of the Spectrex Pocket Bubble Flow Meters

Abstract of Paper from San Diego State University Masters Program

Bubble flow meters, both the electronic and standard soap bubble meters, are the most common primary standard air flow rate calibration instruments used today in industrial hygiene, with accuracies of less than + - 1.0%.

The electronic bubble meters are relatively expensive, battery operated, must be maintained and have problems upon repeated use. The standard soap bubble meters are very fragile, relatively non-portable and awkward to use. Associated accuracies of both types of devices are <- 1.0%.

Pocket bubble flow meters are small versions of the standard soap bubble meter. They are compact, portable, simple to use, inexpensive and an accuracy of + - 2.0% is reported by the manufacturer.

The primary focus of this study is to compare the performance of the pocket bubble flow meters to a primary standard bubble flow meter to determine whether the pocket bubble flow meters would be an acceptable substitute without greatly increasing the total error in flow rate measurements.

The pocket bubble flow meters, of which the three different model sizes from this manufacturer were included in this study, were connected in series with an electronic bubble flow meter to an air flow source. Sets of 100 paired data points were collected over flow rates between 10 and 2000 ml/min. The average flowrates, standard deviations, percent relative standard deviations and percent accuracies were calculated.

The meters perfomed well within the accuracy reported by the manufacturer. Average accuracies of less than 1.0% were obtained using the meters, except for one test in which the results were in question. These results are all within OSHA’s accuracy limit of 5%. The majority of the devices average flow rates were within one standard deviation of the electronic bubble flow meters average flow rates. The meters were reliable with precision values of less than 1.0% for all flow rate tests conducted, and are within OSHA’s precision limit for flow rate measurements.

Paired two-tailed t-tests were performed on the sets of data and a statistical difference was determined at the 0.05 level of significance. These differences are very small, would not negatively affect sampling results and are scientifically insignificant.

It was concluded that the Pocket Bubble Flow Meters are acceptable substitutes for the electronic or standard soap bubble meters when used appropriately and with care.

  1. Spectrex Personal Air Sampler was Used For Monitoring At The World Trade Center
  2. A comparison of active and passive sampling for ozone detection. [PDF - 363kb]
    Fredrick W. Lurmann, Paul T. Roberts & Hilary H. Main, Susanne V. Hering, Edward L. Avol, Steve D. Colome. California Air Resources Board, Research Division, Sacramento, CA. September 1994
  3. Results of Comparison of Flow Rates Between a Spectrex BFM- 10 Pocket Flow Meter and a Gilibrator [PDF - 32kb]